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“I chose to make a difference by helping people understand the law and achieve fair outcomes.”

Making a large impact through small changes is something I always strived to do. I found that by helping my clients obtain justice, I was also paving the way for others facing similar situations. No other type of case can positively affect the law quite like an appeal.

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Smoothly guiding other attorneys and individuals through the appellate process.


It’s never too early to ask the court for a review — you don’t have to wait until you’ve won or lost. Your case should not progress until all facts are correct, and your budget should not prevent you from seeking justice.

Freelance Legal Writing

Legal writing is a skill in and of itself, and few have mastered it. If you want it done accurately — not to mention quickly — it’s wise to rely on someone who’s built his or her practice around it.

Freelance Legal Research

Whether it’s an initial client discovery or preparation for trial, research can eat up a large portion of your day. Why not prioritize your clients and the courtroom and let me do the rest?
Of course, society influences the law, but the law also influences society.
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The final decision in an appeal is what tells the world what the law really is. Good appellate attorneys help shape the law in a better way.”
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Everyone remembers Plessy v. Ferguson. When that was overturned by Brown v. Board of Education, our country was set on a path toward greater equality.  That was partly due to the course of history, but it was also because there were lawyers who continued to prod for change.  

Whether you subscribe to a theory of natural rights or think the law is supposed to be "whatever works," the fact is that it is always changing. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and everyday citizens live with the consequences of whatever interpretation the courts decide to take. Theoretically, an appeals exist to hold lower courts accountable, but they have the effect of shaping the law.  In other words, if a ruling is overturned in your case, it can affect the outcomes of other cases for years to come. As a lawyer, there is no greater honor than participating in that change.

Confused by the outcome of your case?

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there are many reasons to file an appeal


It’s not right for you to receive an unfair amount of child support, to pay too much in a property division, or for you to not receive the visitation you deserve.


Suffering due to someone else’s negligence is trying enough. You should not have to deal with injustice on top of it. If your case has been improperly dismissed, you should consider an appeal. 


The criminal law brings the full power of the state to bear on you. One error in your trial could lead to injustice or a wrongful conviction, and you have a right to appeal that error.   

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appeals have opened me up to the complexity of the world

When you spend your time handling appeals, you get to see cases from multiple perspectives, and you realize that both life and the law are not simply black and white. Details matter, and they can affect the entire outcome of your case. One piece of incorrect evidence can shift an entire verdict. 

In my line of work, you sometimes find that the “guilty” are innocent and that the “facts” of the original case are not truly proven at all. For this reason, I approach every case and client with an open mind. Situations truly are not always as they appear, and I never forget that. 

If you are confused about an aspect of your case, you have a right to appeal no matter who you are, and it is my belief that no one should be denied a justified review due to budget constraints alone.

At my firm, you get high-caliber work without the extravagant price tag. My work is never rushed. I take time to form answers without guessing and explain the good, the bad, and ugly to you every step of the way. After all, nothing an attorney does is so complex that a layperson can’t understand it. You simply need an attorney who dedicates his or her time to you, and I would love to be the guide in your journey to justice. 

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