Things do not always turn out as we expect.  Your legal matters are no different.  Whether it is your divorce, a personal injury, or a criminal prosecution, mistakes can be made.  Those errors can be costly, and something as important as an unfair divorce decree or wrongful criminal conviction deserve a second look.  It is hard to live with an unjust ruling. This is what an appeal is for, and, in Indiana, you have an absolute right to that appeal.  

An appeal asks the Indiana Court of Appeals or Indiana Supreme Court to review the decision of the local trial court.  It is not a “redo,” and you will not be allowed to present new evidence.  Usually, you must convince the reviewing court that the trial judge was wrong about the law.  Obviously, it would be difficult to show that you know more about the law than the judge.     

This is where I come in.  Having handled hundreds of appeals, I have learned which arguments have the best chance of success.  I have also developed a process that allows me to handle appeals more efficiently than a lawyer who only handles appeals occasionally.  In other words, do not assume that an appeal will be too expensive.  If your case is right for an appeal, my experience can be put to work for you in a cost-effective manner.  The initial consultation is free, so call today to discuss whether an appeal is right for you.